LedgerScore’s Upcoming Digital Payments Platform and Card Will Revolutionize Paying With Crypto

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LedgerScore’s Upcoming Digital Payments Platform and Card Will Revolutionize Paying With Crypto

Dec 29 2021

In brief

  • LedgerScore’s new platform is meant to make managing, buying, selling, and spending crypto and fiat currencies easier than ever.
  • The project also created a debit card in collaboration with MasterCard, making it available everywhere in the world.
  • For now, the project works with only a handful of coins, with more to be added in due time.

LedgerScore is planning to introduce a new platform, as well as its own debit card come January 5th, 2022, and in doing so, it will unlock a world of new possibilities for its users.

With the cryptocurrency industry getting more and more accepted all around the world, new companies are getting into the sector, while crypto firms are trying to branch out into the world of traditional finance. The bridge between traditional and crypto finance is getting stronger and stronger with every passing day thanks to these efforts, and before long, paying in the real-world with crypto might become the new norm.

One of the most recent contributions to this initiative came from LedgerScore, which announced the release of its own digital payments platform accompanied by its own debit card, created in collaboration with MasterCard.

Both the platform and the card are expected to be launched on January 5th, 2022, so there is only a few weeks until they come out.

LedgerScore card and platform

LedgerScore’s card is not the first one of this kind. After all, both MasterCard and Visa have partnered with countless firms in crypto and traditional finance in order to launch cryptocurrency-related cards. Like all the others, LedgerScore’s cards will also be usable around the world, at any location that supports MasterCard.

The card, as well as the platform, are meant to not only save users the time when making payments, but also to make paying with crypto as seamless as it can be, given the limits of modern technologies. The platform combines all the elements of payments and concierge services and makes them available to every account.

With that said, users can simply buy new coins, spend their money with the LedgerScore card, and even receive their payments directly into your accounts. Once the money is there, people can use it to transfer funds around the world instantly and quite cheaply. Even paying your bills with crypto is now not only a possibility, but a common practice among crypto card users.

LedgerScore is, of course, continuing to improve its services even further, adding new digital and traditional currencies quite often, in order to improve its service. The project also hinted that it plans to bring new rewards that will allow users to save money on everyday purchases, with more details to be released in due time.

Taking control of your finances

LedgerScore’s goal was always to allow people to become the masters of their own funds, which is why it dedicated itself to being an alternative banking platform for crypto and traditional finances and currencies.

The platform offers the ability to buy and sell coins at the best rates, as well as to spend them, or simply transfer them to a different wallet. All of it is quite easy and user-friendly, meaning that anyone can do it even if they have no prior experience or technical knowledge. And, best of all, you no longer have to transfer your coins to a bunch of different services to do all these things – they are all possible from within a single account.

For the moment, only nine coins are supported, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Basic Attention Token, Paxos, USD Coin, and EOS. LedgerScore will also introduce its native LED token after its launch at some point in 2022.

Meanwhile, the fees are quite low (from 0.5%), and there is only one simple rate for buying and selling. There are no hidden margin fees built into the prices or anything of the sort. And, if you are a LedgerScore member, all of your transfers will be completely free.

For any issues or questions, LedgerScore offers 24/7 customer support that can help, no matter what the issue may be.