Blockchain Game Kryxivia Offers Early Access to Alpha Version to Those Who Staked on Christmas

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Blockchain Game Kryxivia Offers Early Access to Alpha Version to Those Who Staked on Christmas

Jan 11 2022

In brief

  • Kryxivia is one of the most anticipated play-to-earn games based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • One of the ways to earn from the game is to stake assets found in its dungeons and win rewards in exchange.
  • Those who staked its native token, KXA, during Christmas will get access to its alpha version early, as well as to some unique NFT rewards.

Kryxivia, a highly anticipated blockchain-based game that offers the ability to earn as you play, is also offering staking, and those who staked during Christmas will get early access to the game.

Blockchain-based NFT game project, Kryxivia, has been working hard on developing its game and bringing it, and all of its functionalities to its highly excited community as soon as possible. The project has already introduced staking, while its game itself is currently still being worked on.

However, in order to encourage staking and involvement, the project had a special offer this Christmas. According to its Twitter announcement, all those who staked their KXA tokens — the project’s native cryptocurrency — during the holiday, will gain early access to the alpha version of the game.

Not only that, but they also now have a chance to win a unique in-game NFT as a reward.

However, that is not all that the project’s developers did in order to get investors and future players more interested. A few days before Christmas, they also created what they call the Kryxivia DevBlog — a new blog where they will be publishing posts featuring the development and new advancements made in regards to their upcoming game.

The first post is already out, offering character models, screenshots from within the game itself, as well as some concept art that the community is likely to find quite interesting.

What is Kryxivia about?

The rise of trends such as NFTs, metaverse, and other more advanced blockchain products has led to brand new ways to utilize cryptocurrencies and token-based technologies. Naturally, the crypto industry immediately started looking for ways to combine these new solutions with other industries, and primarily those ones with which it is currently the closest with.

While the crypto sector has spread throughout pretty much every industry out there right now, most are still either trying to ignore it, investigate it carefully, or are only starting to implement it. However, when it comes to art and gaming, these two have accepted it with open arms, and have, in fact, been building bonds with it for years.

Kryxivia is one of the best examples of this, as it comes as a play-to-earn MMORPG which relies on NFTs and other digital assets on the blockchain to bring a new, innovative experience to the fans of fantasy games, crypto projects, DeFi, NFTs, and more.

The game essentially allows users to play a fun 3D MMORPG with their friends, collect NFTs that will grant them ownership of all assets that they are attached to, defeat epic bosses, conquer dungeons, and help grow the in-game city, as well as the project’s entire community.

Kryxivia leverages the best features that blockchain technology has to offer in order to provide players with the best in-game economy, and significantly improve the players’ gaming experience.

Later on, the project will also introduce a number of new features, including a PVP system that already has the community very excited. However, for the time being, the team is continuing to perfect the game, and while the release date has yet to be revealed, the excitement is growing as many see this reward for Christmas stakers as evidence that the full release might be very close.