Kawakami Inu Aims to Bring Forward the Meme Tokens to the Cryptoverse’s Attention

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Kawakami Inu Aims to Bring Forward the Meme Tokens to the Cryptoverse’s Attention

May 20 2021

In brief

  • Dogecoin may have begun as a funny thing to do, but now it's the world's 6th most important cryptocurrency.
  • Kawakami Inu is now online looking to create a whole community around all of the world's meme tokens, including Doge, Kawakami, and many others.
  • The community-driven project will include a farm, a DEX, and a launchpad which will come online according to the leadership's plan.

As meme coins become a thing in the cryptocurrency industry, thanks to Dogecoin’s unexpected success, Kawakami Inu is making an effort to bring all the meme players into a single project that can benefit them all.

Doge’s Pioneering Story in the Meme-Verse

You’ve probably heard about Doge. It’s a cryptocurrency that has been getting quite a bit of attention lately because of its weird story of digital rags to riches. It’s somehow similar to the Slackware story you find in the Linux community.

At some point, somebody thought of coming up with a new cryptocurrency as a joke of sorts. No, really, that was the point. It was so much so that the project’s logo was a cute little dog taken from a meme. That’s how Dogecoin came into being. That’s how the term “meme token” appeared as well.

The weirdest thing is that Doge has become a serious cryptocurrency with serious prospects for performance. Coinmarketcap puts it at 6th place in terms of capitalization, which makes Doge more important than XRP, Litecoin, Stellar, Tron, and many other coins, which were thought to be quite serious.

Kawakami Inu, a Community Driven Meme Token Project

Kawakami Inu products

Doge’s incredible success has caused interest in these kinds of projects in the cryptoverse, so now we have more of them. And that’s one of the things that propelled Kawakami Inu’s creation.

Kawakami Inu is born aiming to become the world’s first decentralized meme token ecosystem, comprised of several products that are mutually complementary and that will push the envelope for all extant popular meme tokens, including $SHIB, $ELON and $KISHU.

The project is driven by a community, and it includes the $KAWA decentralized token. The meme token ecosystem will include, in time, a farm, a decentralized exchange, and a launchpad.

A sign of seriousness in the project is in the fact that the community’s leadership has locked the whole $KAWA supply on Uniswap. This move guarantees secure and liquid trading for all those interested in it.

The project remains seminal for the most part. KawaFarm will allow users to farm tokens (Shiba Inu, Akita, and more) by staking them in your wallet. KawaPad will be a launchpad focused on the community’s tokens only. The new platform will reward KAWA holders by allowing them to participate in meme coin launches. KawaSwap, which the project’s leadership purports to be revolutionary, will be the community’s DEX. The novel thing about it, probably, will be that the transaction fees will be distributed amongst KAWA holders.

So far, $KAWA is listed in Uniswap, with CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listings expected to come soon.

The project is out there, and both the community and its leadership seem very committed. The question is, will this become a real thing within the cryptoverse, or will it just become one of the numerous involuntary jokes we’ve seen pop in and out of crypto over the years?

There is no disrespect in this question. Let’s not forget that Dogecoin began as nothing more than a joke of sorts, and it’s now at the top cryptocurrencies. So no, Kawakami Inu’s initiative and token can’t be dismissed just yet, because they could go a very long way. Time will have to show us the answers.