Introducing Transient Network — the Self-Proclaimed Amazon of Smart Contracts

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Introducing Transient Network — the Self-Proclaimed Amazon of Smart Contracts

Sep 20 2021

In brief

  • Smart contracts are running the majority of the crypto industry today, but for a lot of people, they remain out of reach.
  • The reason for this is the fact that, to create them, one needs to be experienced with coding and highly tech-savvy.
  • Transient Network emerged to remove this obstacle and push smart contract adoption across all industries.

Transient Network is a young blockchain project that aims to revolutionize smart contracts and make them available to everyone, no matter how much experience with coding they may have.

Smart contracts are easily the biggest discovery of the decade when it comes to all blockchain products. They were brought by Ethereum, after it launched in 2015, forever changing the crypto/blockchain industry. In fact, they are pretty much responsible for the creation of every other product on the blockchain, as they all depend and revolve around smart contracts in one way or another.

Their value to the crypto industry is also quite easy to understand. They are immutable and transparent, as well as self-executing, so they don’t require the presence of any third party, or even trusting the party you work with. Once the contract is created, it cannot be manipulated or changed in any way, and it will only be triggered when the agreed-upon conditions are met.

They are commonly used for the creation of dApps, DeFi protocols, DeFi activities like staking lending/borrowing, and more, but they can also be used for creating business deals and alike.

One flaw with them, however, is that they were historically not so easy to use, as they required a lot of technical knowledge. They were not that easy to create, and you needed an experienced developer to do it for you. But, as time went by, they became simplified, and thanks to services like the Transient Network, they can now be created and used without any knowledge of coding, thus making them available to non-experts at will.

What is Transient Network?

Transient Network is an ecosystem that was created from scratch for the sole purpose of facilitating and increasing blockchain adoption across every sphere of industry and life.

The project offers next-gen smart contracts with zero-touch data-driven workflow, delivering seamless creation, deployment, and execution. The platform is extremely intuitive, with a very simple design that will make it easy to use even by those who have no experience with smart contracts, or coding, in general. That means that there is no need for any dev tools to be used.

Best of all, the project’s core has been built to be blockchain-agnostic. As a result, it can be used on any chain, which is great for those who prefer one over the other. For example, with Ethereum’s gas fees being consistently too high, many users are turning to projects like Huobi’s HECO Chain or Binance Smart Chain to run their smart contracts and develop new solutions. Transient Network can support these chains as well, thus being universal and useful to all.

Of course, it is also fully decentralized, which also makes it suitable for the global marketplace. It is for everyone, from freelancers to enterprises, and even governments. It can solve issues across the breadth of industries, and as such, it is looking to become a go-to project for easy-to-use smart contracts.

Not to mention that it is 100% transparent, immutable, and precise. All transactions are fully transparent and clear, with no hidden aspect that might cause mistrust or uncertainty.

Finally, it can also be used as a conduit between on-chain, off-chain, and even cross-chain transactions, thanks to its unique capabilities, which allow it to become a bridge between traditional and emerging technologies.

Transient already has two of its dApps on testnet and will soon release them on mainnet. You can check details on both of them on their Medium page. The first one is the TSC-Core and it focuses on use cases related to standard Smart Contract creation and management. The other one, TSC-Pooling, gives users the ability to create their own pools for crypto-price predictions and share in the winnings — with creators being rewarded for their contributions.

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