Gunzilla Games Is Working on a New AAA Shooter Rich With Narrative Elements

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Gunzilla Games Is Working on a New AAA Shooter Rich With Narrative Elements

Mar 16 2022

In brief

  • Gunzilla Games, a young, independent game studio, is working on developing a new AAA shooter IP.
  • The company uses Unreal Engine to push the limits of current and next-gen gaming technology.
  • Its goal is to revolutionize the shooter genre by focusing on narrative elements while still maintaining engaging gameplay.

The gaming industry is developing at a rapid speed, and as such, there is always a lot of competition in the industry. While some are trying to create something brand new, a lot of other gaming firms are focusing on bringing new installations to successful franchises.

However, there are also young and enthusiastic firms that have yet to earn their name in the gaming world, which is expected to number over 3 billion players worldwide by 2023. One example of this is Gunzilla Games — a young company that launched in November 2020 with a dream of creating a new triple-A shooter IP for the next generation of gaming technology.

About Gunzilla Games

Gunzilla Games was founded roughly a year and a half ago, in November 2020, when the developers of some of the most successful gaming franchises, such as Crysis, Far Cry, and Assassin’s Creed, came together with the idea of trying something new.

The developers formed a new studio led by Alexander Zoll, the former Crytek exec and well-known investor. Zoll was joined by Vlad Korolev, a so-called “serial entrepreneur,” and over time, their idea attracted many other developers from various gaming companies.

The idea in question is the creation of an AAA shooter for the next generation of video game technologies that will offer exciting experiences to the players. The developers aim to focus on the player experience above anything else, offering amazing stories without making sacrifices when it comes to gameplay.

At its debut, Gunzilla Games managed to secure $25 million in funding thanks to GameGroove Capital, only to receive another $10 million a month later, this time from GamesUp42 Group. The support of these major entities gave Gunzilla a push and the ability to get its game off the ground, while at the same time, it put the studio under the spotlight and encouraged other developers seeking new opportunities to join up.

An innovative, player-focused approach

As mentioned, Gunzilla Games is an independent studio that focuses on innovation in its products. It believes that there is nothing wrong with taking a chance and making bold moves, as this is the only way to push the technology to its limits. At the same time, it also aims to remain as transparent as possible, advocating honest communication.

With that said, it has yet to share details about its game, as it believes that the time to do so has not yet arrived. But, it also claims that it is committed to engagement and quality, which has encouraged its growing community to be patient, as well as excited to hear any news about the company’s progress.

According to the bestseller author, Richard K. Morgan, Gunzilla Games’ focus on narrative elements in a multiplayer shooter game might be attractive for players from all genre backgrounds, meaning that this might not simply be a game for shooter fans only. Morgan also added that the game contains unique gameplay elements, and massively intensifies immersion.

Furthermore, he believes that the narrative and player freedom elements in the upcoming multiplayer shooter could result in the entire genre becoming more attractive and accessible for players with all kinds of genre preferences. The game, as well as the company, have seen a lot of healthy hype by now, and while the release date is still not in sight, the growing popularity of both might help attract more developers and boost the development speed.

In August 2021, the company stated that its team consists of 85 people. However, in March 2022, the company’s website says that they still have 48 open vacancies, so there are many more roles to be filled by aspiring developers.