GraphLinq Now Allows Automated Trades on Binance and MXC Using New Featured Blocks

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GraphLinq Now Allows Automated Trades on Binance and MXC Using New Featured Blocks

Apr 28 2021

In brief

  • GraphLinq worked for quite a long time to make automated trades on CEXes possible, and improve user experience.
  • The project made a major breakthrough by connecting its new featured blocks to Binance and MXC exchange.
  • With the connection established, users can make limit SPOT buy and sell trade orders from any listed market pair.

A new project GraphLinq, which aims to make building on blockchain a lot easier, just confirmed that automated trades using its featured blocks will now be possible on Binance and MXC exchanges.

Blockchain technology has brought countless possibilities in and out of the crypto space. However, there is still a high entry barrier for those wishing to use it, and we are not talking necessarily about money. In order to use blockchain technology and build on it, one needs to have a deep understanding of coding, and not just that, but coding in a specific language that any given blockchain is using. While the list of people who can provide such services is quite tiny, it is growing all the time. But, in order for blockchain to achieve mainstream adoption, this needs to change in a much faster and more drastic way.

The crypto industry has recognized this and similar issues a long time ago. This is why Ethereum produced its ERC-20 token model, which allows users to easily create new tokens, instead of having to develop them from scratch.

Now, it is time for the next stage in easing the use of crypto and blockchain, and this time, the leader is not Ethereum itself, but a project called GraphLinq, which recently announced that automate trades on Binance and MXC using new featured blocks have just become possible.

Linking featured blocks with Binance and MXC

The new announcement came as part of the celebration of the project’s one-month anniversary date, when GraphLinq deployed another massive update on its network in order to create additional use cases for its engine and IDE.

As of now, there are over 186 logical blocks available on the IDE, with more coming soon, based on the new features that are currently in development.

One of the newest and most notable feature, announced only yesterday, April 23rd, is the newly-enabled trading access over the leading crypto exchanges — Binance and MXC. Users can now connect logical blocks with Binance or MXC accounts for making limit SPOT Buy & Sell trade orders from any of the available pairs.

More than that, users can also create their own trading bot on the supported exchanges, with more CEXes to be integrated in due time. Users will have to use their API key from their chosen supported platform in order for trades to be executed, as it needs to be set up on the block related to the CEX in question. However, all the saved variables will be fully encrypted over the project’s Network when it gets sent to its Engine via the cloud, so the funds will not be in any danger.

The project also stressed that it is recommended that users use a new account to operate their automated trade order tasks.

As for the future, the project’s next major goal is to add support for GraphLinq Protocol to integrate transactions coming from the Ethereum network directly.