GraphLinq Announces Listings on Two Centralized Exchanges

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GraphLinq Announces Listings on Two Centralized Exchanges

May 22 2021

In brief

  • GraphLinq is a young project that has created an online interface that allows the ability to generate blockchain data without coding.
  • The project recently made quite a few notable moves, including bringing a new integration with Bitcoin Network.
  • The project also announced that its token will now be available on KuCoin, and immediately after that, it was listed on MXC.

GraphLinq recently announced that its token, GLQ, is now listed on KuCoin crypto exchange, where it is paired against two cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin and Tether.

GraphLinq, an emerging project in the crypto industry, is trying to tackle one of the biggest problems that are currently troubling crypto and blockchain alike. As many likely know, blockchain technology — despite its benefits and the ability to revolutionize pretty much every industry out there — is still extremely complex.

This complexity is there for a few reasons. For example, blockchain is still new technology. It continues to change and evolve, and as a result, it is difficult for people to learn how to use it, or even work on it. If you don’t keep track of all the changes, it is all too easy to lose track of how everything works.

This also prevents newcomers to the industry from expressing their ideas, which might be quite interesting and lead to a new, unique approach to some aspect of blockchain or crypto. This is why GraphLinq decided to resolve this issue once and for all by creating a no-code platform for blockchain development, essentially allowing people to start creating new systems without the need to have any coding experience.

Think of how you can now create a website without having to know how to code simply through a drag-and-drop feature, where you can introduce new elements to your webpage and then fill them with content. This is what GraphLinq is trying to do with blockchain.

Of course, the project still has to dedicate a portion of its attention on the crypto market, and bring in new users, increase the price of its coin through quality development, new listings, use cases, and alike, which is why the fact that it was recently listed on Hong Kong-based KuCoin is a big deal for the project.

GraphLinq Reveals Two New Listings

GraphLinq announced the listing only a few days ago, noting that its native crypto, GLQ, will now be paired against BTC and USDT on KuCoin. Trading started on May 18th at 9:00 UTC, while deposits were possible slightly before that time.

KuCoin itself shared this new development, sharing a photo with certain details regarding the project, simply to give its users an idea of what this coin is all about.

This marks the first crypto exchange other than Uniswap that GraphLinq (GLQ) was listed on, and since KuCoin is a centralized exchange, it also brings further legitimacy to the project.

Immediately after the listing on KuCoin, GraphLinq community got another exciting development when MXC Exchange announced on May 19th that it will add GLQ/BTC trading pair in its Innovation Zone at 6:00 PM UTC+8 on the same day and that the move will be followed by a trading contest with a total of 90,000 GLQ as a reward for the giveaway. The contest started on May 19th, and has ended on May 22nd, at 11:59 PM (UTC+8).