GraphLinq Announces the Launch of its New Analytics Beta Platform

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GraphLinq Announces the Launch of its New Analytics Beta Platform

May 8 2021

In brief

  • According to its recent announcement, GraphLinq has already launched its new platform for token analytics.
  • The platform currently only follows its native GLQ token, displaying various data about its price, volume, and more.
  • In the near future, the platform will also support two of the project’s biggest partners, UniCrypt and Polygon.

GraphLinq has recently launched its Analytics beta platform that presents various details for supported tokens in a visual way.

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is growing, little by little, every single day. Whether through the launch of new projects, improvements to existing projects, good and attractive features that awake interest in new users and spread awareness, or through any other method, the blockchain industry is growing and expanding.

But, this growth is moving a bit too slowly, and while it is understandable that companies, governments, regulators, and alike might be hesitant to switch to this, still brand new and evolving technology, it should have become a lot more popular among regular people by now. While it is definitely attracting more and more users and developers, it is still going slowly here as well, and one big reason for that is the fact that it is too complicated.

Of course, it has become much, much simpler than it used to be, but until it can be instantly clear to everyone, including the newcomers, it will resist mass adoption from those it intends to serve.

This is why projects like GraphLinq exist — to try and simplify it further and help bring crypto evolution to the new level through an extremely user-friendly interface that allows users to generate and master their own blockchain data. Best of all, this can now be done without the need for coding experience. Requiring coding experience has been a huge roadblock on the way to adoption. Of course, there are many, many people who have it, but they are still a minority when you take the entire population of the world.

Graphlinq Launches a New Analytics Platform

Thanks to GraphLinq’s solutions, the project has already secured its place in the blockchain industry and history. However, it aims to make things even better and simpler for users and developers alike, which is why it recently announced the launch of its new Analytics beta platform, made using its nocode IDE.

The platform comes as the latest demonstration of a powerful real-life use case of the project, and it is being integrated with UniCrypt and Polygon (previously known as Matic) Network. The platform is already live, and it tracks and presents all kinds of data, including GLQ price, it’s an all-time high, volume, market cap, holders, supply, recent trades, and more.

Best of all, all of this data is available visually. As mentioned, the same support will soon be added for UniCrypt and Polygon, which are GraphLinq’s partners, and anyone interested should definitely keep track of new announcements on the projects’ social media accounts.

Things that make the platform truly unique and special is that it offers data visualization for on-chain and off-chain data alike. Furthermore, the project’s co-founder, Frederick Marinho, also confirmed that the team will soon include trades from Uniswap, as well as from listed centralized exchanges, in addition to more data that will come for the project’s partners.