P2P Trading Platform GameStar Adds a Twist to Trading by Including More Than Just Crypto

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P2P Trading Platform GameStar Adds a Twist to Trading by Including More Than Just Crypto

Sep 18 2021

In brief

  • GameStar Exchange is a Polkadot-based trading platform that aims to revolutionize P2P trading.
  • In addition to gift cards, trading will be for game items, CD keys, game currency, crypto game NFTs and more.
  • The platform has a revolutionary incentive mechanism, it is very safe, with high transparency and low fees.

The trading platform GameStar Exchange is a decentralized Polkadot-based P2P platform that offers to the trade of crypto, CD keys, game items, game currency, and more.

Peer to peer trading is one of the oldest activities in the crypto industry, dating all the way back to the launch of Bitcoin, in the first days of 2009. Over the years, devs have created new coins, known as altcoins, and exchanging digital currencies became quite a profitable business.

Of course, it was and still is, quite risky due to high volatility. But, for those who learned how to manage the risk and predict the price movement, crypto trading is one of the best ways to make a profit. Of course, trading continued to evolve over the years, and so today, there is a vast array of assets available for trading.

From Bitcoin to altcoins, stablecoins, privacy coins, NFTs, derivatives, and more — everything is available if you find the right platform. However, some believe that the crypto industry can include even more things into trading, and so a new trading platform based on Polkadot, GameStar, emerged to explore these additional opportunities.

What makes GameStar different from other trading platforms?

GameStar has decided to step outside the traditional boundaries when it comes to trading in a number of ways. First things first — it is built on Polkadot, which is one of the fastest and most popular blockchains these days. It is, of course, completely decentralized, and it allows peer to peer traders to connect their wallets directly in order to participate. Users remain in possession of their own private keys, which is how all decentralized exchanges (DEXes) also work.

However, what makes GameStar different from all other platforms of this type is the fact that it also offers users to trade game items and product keys, crypto gaming items and more. You can even trade game currency using your decentralized crypto wallet.

The platform is available globally, the prices are transparent and fair, and the asset flow is extremely efficient.

So, in short, GameStar Exchange offers a gamer-focused P2P trading market, which also allows artists and game developers to participate by publishing and distributing their game focused goods. Gamers or collectors can also benefit by using the platform to advertise their needs or sell corresponding work.

Meanwhile, every creation — as well as transaction, for that matter — that artists and collectors on the platform make will be rewarded with mining incentives. This offers vast opportunities for the gaming industry, which has always been connected to crypto, to deepen that connection even more.

Additional benefits of using GameStar Exchange

While GameStar is offering a number of benefits that we already mentioned, it is also worth pointing out that it managed to solve some of the issues that similar platforms have been experiencing in the past. Or rather, issues that traders have been experiencing on other P2P platforms.

For example, a lot of other platforms take custody of the traded assets, meaning that traders need to deposit their funds before trading. This is a sure sign of centralization and is something that goes against what the crypto industry believes in.

Additionally, centralized exchanges tend to suffer from issues like poor management, high transaction fees, market limitations, and alike. All of this results in a poor trading experience, at best, and a high prevalence of fraud, which puts investors and traders at risk. And, of course, it goes without saying that pretty much all of them have no token incentive mechanisms that GameStar is offering.

GameStar aims to revolutionize P2P trading, and from what we have seen so far, it is doing a pretty good job. It will be interesting to see how the platform develops as its community grows, as it is already very good, and it can only get better with greater attention heading towards it.