GameStar Finishes Token Sale on DuckDao, Sees Listing on 1inch

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GameStar Finishes Token Sale on DuckDao, Sees Listing on 1inch

Nov 4 2021

In brief

  • GameStar, a popular exchange that offers trading of in-game assets, just completed its token sale.
  • The sale was held on the launchpad belonging to DuckDao, the world’s largest cross-chain incubator.
  • Following the sale, the exchange’s new token, GMS, was quickly listed on 1inch and PancakeSwap.

Emerging P2P trading platform called GameStar exchange just finished its token sale on DuckDao’s launchpad, which was followed by listings on 1inch and PancakeSwap.

GameStar Exchange, a P2P trading platform based on Polkadot’s blockchain, recently announced that it will be holding its token sale on DuckDao — the world’s largest cross-chain incubator for cryptocurrency projects. Soon after that, the exchange’s GMS token got listed on the world’s most efficient DeFi aggregator.

GameStar holds token sale on DuckDao

According to GameStar’s recent tweet, published on October 27th, the exchange held a token sale on DuckDao incubator, which is the largest cross-chain incubator for cryptocurrency projects in the world. The sale actually took place at DuckDao’s public token launchpad, DuckSTARTER. Users could still get whitelisted for participation even an hour before the event itself.

The token sale was finished in less than an hour, indicating massive demand for the new exchange’s tokens, which have now been distributed among the community.

Following the token sale, the exchange’s new token managed to get listed on two major platforms in only 24 hours. The first one was the most efficient DeFi aggregator, 1inch, which provides users with the most liquidity, the lowest slippage, and the best exchange rates in three blockchain ecosystems — Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC.

As for the second platform where the newly launched GSM token emerged, it is PancakeSwap, Binance Smart Chain’s most popular decentralized exchange that is now offering GMS to its community.

It might be worth noting that some traders reported having issues while attempting to buy the tokens, as they received error messages and alike. However, the issue seems to lie with the BSC, and users could refer to the chat in the project’s Telegram channel for an explanation on what is going on and what they can and should do in order to successfully claim their tokens.

Details about GameStar

GameStar Exchange is a P2P trading platform based on Polkadot’s blockchain. However, while that doesn’t seem particularly unique at first, the exchange itself certainly is. The reason behind it is the fact that it decided to step outside of the traditional boundaries that usually tie this type of platform.

The first way to do this was to be built on Polkadot, and choose one of the fastest, most scalable chains around, which is better than Ethereum’s network. Also, at the same time, Polkadot encounters a lot fewer issues than Binance Smart Chain.

The platform is, of course, completely decentralized, which makes this exchange a DEX, which further means that users do not have to upload their funds on the platform in order to trade. However, the biggest way in which GameStar differs from other platforms of its kind is the fact that it offers the ability to trade game items, product keys, and alike, rather than limiting itself to simple funds.

Gamers can even use its platform to trade the currency from their games, which makes the platform very popular among those who enjoy gaming and digital assets alike. The platform is available globally, of course, with transparent prices, and a highly efficient asset flow.

Now that its token has been launched, as well, and listed on some of the most popular platforms, GameStar will be ready to take the next steps in its growth and development, and potentially offer new features and services as it continues to evolve, first of which being the staking platform going online on November 4th.