GameStar Exchange Starts a Month-Long Staking Period

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GameStar Exchange Starts a Month-Long Staking Period

Nov 11 2021

In brief

  • GameStar exchange recently announced the start of its new staking initiative.
  • According to the platform, staking has started on November 4th, and it will last until December 4th of this year.
  • Interested traders should note that they will not be able to redeem rewards or staked tokens until December 5th.

GameStar exchange recently started a new staking initiative, which will last for a month, starting on November 4th and ending on December 4th of this year.

Staking is one of the most popular activities in the DeFi sector, with some of the largest projects out there being those that focus on this particular DeFi activity. While some projects are all about staking, others have it as a side feature, and some have started bringing it in as a limited-time thing.

Such is the case with GameStar, a crypto exchange that just finished its token sale on DuckDao recently, after which it was listed on 1inch and several other platforms.

GameStar is a P2P trading platform that allows users to trade a lot more than just crypto. From Bitcoin to altcoins, stablecoins, NFTs, derivatives, and a lot more — the exchange is offering pretty much anything most traders could ever ask for.

Now, it also announced a new initiative that saw it launch staking for its native cryptocurrency, GMS. Staking started on November 4th, 2021, and it will last only for a month, ending on December 4th of this year. Anyone who decides to engage with the platform’s new offer should note that they will not be able to redeem their rewards, nor their original, staked tokens until December 5th — one day after the end of the event.

The start of the event seemingly went on without any major issues, although there was seemingly a minor problem with staking for mobile users. GameStar managed to identify the problem fairly quickly and apply the solution, making it possible for mobile users to start staking GMS.

Details about GameStar

GameStar is one of the platforms that have started attracting a lot of attention recently. The exchange steps outside the traditional boundaries, which allowed it to offer a number of advantages to its users that its competitors simply cannot match.

For example, it was created on top of Polkadot’s chain, which is one of the fastest and most popular networks today. In addition to that, it is fully decentralized, and it lets P2P traders to connect their wallets in order to trade, instead of having to deposit assets. This allows users to keep their private keys and be the sole managers of their funds.

This, of course, isn’t unique to GameStar — it is how all DEXes work — but it is an important aspect that should be mentioned. What does make it unique, however, is the fact that its platform goes beyond offering just traditional or even crypto assets. It also allows traders to trade game items, product keys, crypto gaming items, and much more. Even game currencies are a fair option available on this exchange.

With no other platform out there being able to match this, GameStar is not only different and, in fact, unique — it is also a leading platform for trading these kinds of things.