GamesPad to Become the Ultimate Gaming, NFT, and Metaverse Ecosystem

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GamesPad to Become the Ultimate Gaming, NFT, and Metaverse Ecosystem

Feb 6 2022

In brief

  • Gaming industry sees a surge in cryptocurrency implementation through NFT games, the metaverse and others
  • GamesPad’s partner, Animoca Brands, became a leading firm for the development of blockchain gaming that aims to bring monetization to video games.
  • GamesPad offers retail buyers an opportunity to invest in some of the best crypto gaming projects

The metaverse sector of the cryptocurrency industry has been blowing up for several months now, and the hype regarding it does not appear to be passing. Even though the cryptocurrency industry is suffering another massive bearish wave that has seen most coins lose large amounts of their value throughout January, the interest in metaverse-related projects is booming.

With the gaming industry being one of the most open ones towards digital currencies, it is not surprising that gaming has connected with the emerging technologies the most. The metaverse provides a decentralized digital world, NFTs within it offer players to be the owners of their in-game assets, and the games themselves provide the fun experience that continuously attracts new users.

All of it is in perfect balance, which is why gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystems like GamesPad are emerging and rapidly growing in the sector.

What do you need to know about GamesPad?

GamesPad aims to become the ultimate gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem — the first and final stop for anyone who wishes to engage in blockchain gaming. Its goal is to create a vertically integrated gaming ecosystem supported by a network of studio partnerships and decentralized deal flow. As for its long-term goal, it wishes to start joint ventures with gaming and metaverse studios alike, and further expand its ecosystems.

GamesPad has already started working on that, entering into various partnerships with influential and emerging companies. One example is Animoca Brands — GamesPad’s strategic investor and partner — which also recently raised $358.8 million in order to develop its own open metaverse, which will potentially be connected to GamesPad’s in some way in the future.

What makes GamesPad unique?

Of course, in order to be the go-to project for gaming, metaverse, and NFTs, it has to stand out from other similar projects, which can be tough, given that many are emerging out there right now.

However, GamesPad found a way by offering unique technology and approach to conducting its business. For example, it is known for offering a holistic gaming ecosystem and being a decentralized VC, multichain launchpad, and game incubator that offers equal opportunities for retail buyers to invest in some of the most powerful crypto gaming projects of the future. GamesPad ensured this by focusing on the biggest and most prosperous fields in crypto today — the ruling trends, including gaming, NFT, and Metaverse.

Next, the project is very much aware of the importance of due diligence and maintaining its reputation as a trustworthy service. This is why it ensured that both its team and advisors have a successful track record in launching cryptocurrency startups, and it performs detailed due diligence regarding every single project that comes its way. GamesPad does all of this to ensure that its community would only get access to the best deals. All projects that approach GamesPad are investigated thoroughly, with the company looking into the projects’ regulatory, financial, legal, and business capabilities.

Finally, GamesPad also has a tier-based system that is 100% oriented toward the community. It offers low entry, and provides access to early-stage projects for users to look into. All GMPD holders are presented with equal opportunities, and no one will feel more or less favored than the rest.