GamesPad Partners With BlockPad, a Multichain DeFi Gateway for the Web 3.0 Ecosystems

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GamesPad Partners With BlockPad, a Multichain DeFi Gateway for the Web 3.0 Ecosystems

Jan 12 2022

In brief

  • GamesPad, a new and rising GameFi project, recently announced a new strategic partnership.
  • The partnership in question is with BlockPad, which will benefit by making DeFi more accessible.
  • Meanwhile, GamesPad will not only establish trust, but it also gets to use BlockPad’s infrastructure.

GamesPad, a new GameFi project that aims to be the guide for blockchain gaming startups, recently announced a new partnership with another project called BlockPad.

With the turn of the year, the crypto industry’s leading trend has also shifted from the NFT marketplace to the new and currently hottest trend, the metaverse. Of course, with the metaverse still relying heavily on NFT and DeFi alike, it is not excluding the trends that came before it, and “made” it, essentially.

Instead, it is a brilliant way to combine all the leading trends from the past two years and use them into creating something new and advanced. Of course, no project can do all of it on its own, which is why collaborations and partnerships are crucial for their, and the new technology’s success.

One example of this is GamesPad, which recently partnered with another project called BlockPad in order to expand its possibilities and features.

What is GamesPad?

GamesPad is a young gaming, metaverse, and NFT ecosystem, which does just what was mentioned earlier — combining all of these multiple trends into one platform and using the best out of each world to bring something new. It comes as a holistic platform that aims to serve as a guide for game startups, and help them grow from a simple concept, all the way through development, to execution, and finally, the public launch.

Not only that, but GamesPad also aims to offer an opportunity for retail buyers to invest in the future that can, and will be, built by some of the biggest and most powerful gaming projects in the crypto industry.

The project also represents the first 360-degree blockchain gaming platform in the world, and it brings a game-specific launchpad to the table, which is something that the crypto industry has never seen before. In addition to the game-specific launchpad, it also offers a game incubator, an NFT aggregator, an NFT marketplace, big gaming studio partnerships, multichain yield aggregator, in-house game development studio, staking pools, farming pools, and more, all under the same roof.

Of course, at the heart of it all is its native token, GMPD, which powers the project and allows users to conduct operations within the project’s ecosystem by utilizing it.

GamesPad partners up with BlockPad

The project is still very young, and it only saw its launch last week, on December 21st, 2021. As such, it is in its very early stages, which makes it quite impressive that it is already attracting big partners, such as BlockPad.

BlockPad made its own announcement regarding the new partnership, stating that it has set foot towards contributing to the immensely growing blockchain gaming industry thanks to a strategic collaboration with GamesPad. In doing so, it will make DeFi services easily accessible.

Meanwhile, GamesPad will benefit from the partnership by establishing trust. Not only that but by utilizing BlockPad’s infrastructure, the DESU tokens will be locked and vested according to GMPD tokenomics.

All in all, the GamesPad project looks very promising and interesting, and it might be worth keeping a close eye on it and its development.