Gaia EverWorld Holds an NFT Sale, Airdrop Soon to Follow

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Gaia EverWorld Holds an NFT Sale, Airdrop Soon to Follow

Oct 15 2021

In brief

  • Gaia EverWorld started offering its NFTs recently, on October 10th.
  • The project’s NFTs allow users to own Gaias in its game, but also other in-game items, and become members of its Elite Club.
  • As for the upcoming airdrop, it is scheduled for the end of the month, and anyone who owns 1 Unilayer will receive 0.25 GAIA.

Gaia EverWorld held its NFT sale on October 10th, and since then, it also announced an upcoming airdrop that is scheduled for the end of the month.

With the NFT sector just continuing to blow up with innovation and popularity, new projects continue to emerge and offer their non-fungible tokens. One example is Gaia EverWorld, which recently held its own NFT sale. Furthermore, the platform also plans an airdrop that is scheduled for the end of the month.

What is Gaia EverWorld?

Gaia is an immersive blockchain-based game that allows users to own Gaias — in-game characters that exist in the form of NFTs. Throughout the game, players get to use Gaias, make them gather experience, and become more and more powerful. Players can also breed Gaias and create new ones up to 10 times. This limit was put in place to avoid hyperinflation.

Most Gaias will only be able to reproduce a few times, but the super fertile ones will be able to do it 10 times, through a very simple breeding mechanism. The product is a new Gaia, which combines the genes from both of its parents.

The project held its NFT sale on October 10th. For the past few days, players have already been engaging in the game’s multi-realm world and enjoying a number of modes, such as Adventure mode and Legion mode.

Other than Gaias, the game also offers the ability to own other in-game items. There are also many unique realms, as mentioned, with each area providing its inhabitants with special characteristics in order to make the game more dynamic, fun, and diverse.

The game also has an in-game currency, known as Gaia Growth Potion, or GGP, for short. The token allows users to purchase items and breed Gaias, and it will be tradable in a number of DEXes, which might even turn it into a popular financial token.

The Gaia airdrop: What you need to know?

As mentioned, Gaia is planning an airdrop scheduled for the end of the month. All that users need to do to participate is obtain some Unilayer tokens. Anyone who has them will get 0.25 GAIA tokens per each Unilayer. The snapshot will be made on October 31st, so there is still more than enough time to purchase some Unilayer tokens if you wish to get this reward.

Obtaining GAIA will, of course, grant users with tokens of a certain value, but more than that, this is a great way to get into the Gaia EverWorld ecosystem without needing to purchase them directly.

The project also opened the Gaia Elite Club, which can be entered simply by buying and owning a Gaia NFT. Being a member of the Club will allow users to buy exclusive Gaia Merch. Gaia’s NFTs continue offering more and more, constantly increasing reasons why users might want to own them, in addition to regular reasons of gathering digital collectibles.