FOTA IDO Postponed Due to the Poor Market Conditions

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FOTA IDO Postponed Due to the Poor Market Conditions

May 30 2022

FOTA — Fight of the Ages — recently announced the delay of its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) due to the current market conditions, which are far from favorable due to the bear market.

Holding an IDO requires a lot of work and planning, but in order for it to be as successful as possible and to give it the best opportunity, projects also need to have the broader market situation in mind. This is why FOTA (Fight of the Ages), an emerging metaverse game, decided to postpone the launch of its own Initial DEX Offering.

FOTA IDO launch faces delays

According to FOTA’s recent Medium post, the project believes that the current market conditions are not favorable enough for launching a token offering. This opinion is also shared from its partners, advisors, and even community members, as the announcement states that all of them advised postponing the launch in order to ensure a strong start of the project’s token.

FOTA then expressed its gratitude to the investors and supporters, noting that it also believes that this is the most reasonable step to do right now, and that it will help protect the community’s investment.

However, that doesn’t mean that there will be no further progress until the project actually launches. The project’s development team will use this time to continue building the upcoming metaverse and push the project towards a better version of itself. With extra time to polish its product, many are excited about its final look.

Furthermore, FOTA expects that the beta tests will be able to start in late May, which is when the project’s supporters will have the chance to join up, test the gameplay, and offer feedback regarding the metaverse, the game, its graphics, and overall experience. FOTA will also be able to start distributing rewards to the testers at this time, and it invited anyone who might be interested in participating in the beta testing to follow its channels and keep an eye out for new announcements.

About FOTA

FOTA is the upcoming metaverse game that aims to deliver the best 3D experience and empower players to roleplay and make their characters unique and exclusively theirs in its new fantasy world.

Thanks to the integration with the MOBA-RPG genre, the game will be able to allow players to interact with their teammates in the project’s metaverse and improve everyone’s experience.

The game will feature multiple worlds that will all be a part of the FOTA ecosystem, and that are just waiting to be explored and conquered in the players’ quest to win Aether. There are three worlds in which the game’s story will take place: The Greenland, the Earth, and the Nightmare.

The Greenland is the land of Eternity and the birthplace of Aether, which is where god-like creatures called Omni and the Dragon exist. The Earth is the land of the races of man, Elf, and Keen, who live together and who offered a sanctuary to the Omni in the dark days that have arrived to their world, while the Nightmare is the wasteland of the FOTA universe. It is cold, dark, and cruel, and home to creatures like the Demon, Ogre, and Beast.

With multiple Heroes, Items, Lands, and more at their disposal, the game will be very diverse and rich with content, with an excellent story and great potential to conquer the world of blockchain gaming.