$ERTHA Becomes the Second Most Searched Play-to-Earn Token

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$ERTHA Becomes the Second Most Searched Play-to-Earn Token

Jan 27 2022

In brief

  • Ertha, a growing blockchain-based metaverse that uses NFTs now has one of the most sought-after tokens.
  • A recent announcement by the project lists it as the 2nd most searched P2E token during the last 30 days.
  • As a P2E (play-to-earn) token it allows players who engage with the game to earn revenue for playing various roles.

According to a recent tweet published by Ertha’s team, the project’s native coin, ERTHA, recently emerged as the second most searched play-to-earn token.

Over the last 12 months, the crypto industry has been obsessing about non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and as of the last few months, about the metaverse as well. NFTs have revolutionized the world of digital collectibles, the way art is being presented and shared on the internet, and even how in-game collectibles, characters, equipment, and more, can be managed, owned, and traded.

Meanwhile, the gaming industry, one of the industries most open to change and innovation, has welcomed blockchain technology and its products with open arms. Initially by creating fairly simple and small games, but even that meant a lot to the developing blockchain industry. With the rise of the metaverse, however, the blockchain industry is now seeing a lot more complex projects, even including AAA titles.

And, it works. Blockchain games are becoming increasingly popular, as evidenced by the fact that these projects are seeing millions in daily volume, tens of thousands of daily page visits, and growing prices of their native tokens. The reason behind this is because of new innovations, in addition to the possibility to earn by playing games. One of the emerging titles, a project called Ertha, has grown to become the second most searched of these tokens, which reward players for simply playing the game.

Ertha steals the attention

According to a recent tweet published by Ertha’s team, the project’s native coin, $ERTHA, recently emerged as the second most searched play-to-earn token. The information came directly from Cryptorank, showing that Ertha was only bested by another project called MonkeyBall.

Cryptorank looked into the most searched tokens belonging to this category in the last 30 days, indicating that Ertha stole the attention around the turn of the year, in the second half of December 2021 and the first half of January 2022.

The project currently has a market cap of $21.6 million, which is only slightly less than the leading MBS token, whose market cap is at $28.2 million. However, $ERTHA leads in terms of volume, featuring $4.52 million in the 24 hours prior to the release of the ranking, while MBS’ volume during the same period was at $1.08 million.

About Ertha

Ertha is a P2E game that has a very exciting backstory. The game aims to encompass an accurate life simulation on a massive scale, allowing players to micromanage their companies and countries, take on various roles in the fields of economics, infrastructure, military development, and more.

The game is extremely rich with content and highly diverse. It is not so easy to classify it, however, as it belongs to both strategy genres as well as MMORPG, while at the same time, being inspired by old-school games.

The Ertha metaverse features plots of lands called HEXs, and players will have to purchase them (350,000 in total), and carve out their own countries in real-life locations. All in all, the game is extremely complex, providing a rewarding experience and fun gameplay at the same time.