Ertha Becomes the Number #1 Community Pool on PancakeSwap

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Ertha Becomes the Number #1 Community Pool on PancakeSwap

Feb 7 2022

In brief

  • The emerging metaverse project Ertha recently announced being the biggest Community Pool on PancakeSwap.
  • The project reached a major milestone of 1 million tokens staked, according to its recent tweet.
  • Only days earlier, Ertha also united with PancakeSwap for Syrup Pool and Farm.

Ertha is a young metaverse project, but at the same time, it is rapidly becoming one of the most developed and visually attractive projects of this kind. Its virtual world consists of the entire globe, where each country has its own territories that come in the shape of NFTs.

While not all countries and regions have been unlocked as of yet, and the project is now allowing its community to vote which countries should come next, a lot of them have already been unlocked, and their digital plots of land usually end up being bought immediately.

However, Ertha doesn’t only offer digital land, but also an opportunity for its token holders to earn, primarily from staking the $ERTHA token. The project recently announced that it has become the number one Community Pool on PancakeSwap — Binance Smart Chain’s largest decentralized exchange (DEX).

This is a massive milestone for Ertha and its community, with the project now having over one million $ERTHA tokens staked. The project is very excited about this growth and the recent milestones, and it continues to encourage users to stake more, and help the community reach 2 million in staked $ERTHA.

A series of positive developments is pushing Ertha’s rapid growth

This is not the only big thing that recently happened for the project, however. According to its recent Medium post, published on January 25th, Ertha has united with PancakeSwap for Syrup Pool and Farm. The collaboration will significantly help the $ERTHA token’s health, according to the blog post.

The team behind Ertha also said that the community is becoming more and more interested in additional staking options, which is why Ertha made this move, in an attempt to deliver.

The Syrup Pool will now allow anyone who stakes CAKE tokens — the native tokens of PancakeSwap — to earn Ertha tokens in return. The staking started on January 26th, at 11 am UTC, and it is scheduled to finish on February 25th at the same time. Token rewards per block will be 1.585 $ERTHA.

Only a few days before this, Ertha was listed on KuCoin, as announced in the project’s separate blog post, published on January 19th. The actual listing took place on January 21st, and it was a great thing for Ertha, given that the project’s goal is to spread throughout the world and include people from all the countries that the project itself has. Meanwhile, KuCoin has over 10 million active users worldwide, and it has one of the lowest fees in the industry, which makes it a perfect partner for Ertha.

Ertha becomes one of the most searched P2E tokens

Finally, because of these and other recent developments, Ertha started attracting massive amounts of additional attention, which made it one of the most searched play-to-earn tokens, with over 52,290 page visits on in only 30 days. This was also a 58.2% increase in comparison to the previous 30 days, which is quite an achievement.

Ertha has been attracting attention for a variety of reasons, including everything mentioned above, plus a series of record-breaking IDOs, and, apart from being listed on KuCoin, it was not too long ago that it was also Prime Listed by Huobi Global, as well.

All in all, Ertha is one of the fastest-growing metaverse projects and it has a massive, very supportive community that continues to onboard and encourage new users and push the project further and further up.