DeFiDrop Time Weighted Score System Out To Eliminate Launchpad Staking Shortcomings

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DeFiDrop Time Weighted Score System Out To Eliminate Launchpad Staking Shortcomings

May 20 2021

In brief

  • The weighted score system is addressing launchpad staking shortcomings like swinging.
  • The feature is part of DeFiDrop’s continued development to offer the perfect launchpad for DeFi projects.
  • Recently, DeFiDrop hosted its first launchpad project in Echo.

DeFiDrop is still on a development course upgrading its platform to meet the original goal of giving new DeFi projects a perfect platform to launch. As part of growing the system, DeFiDrop recently unveiled the time weighted score system that differs from other DeFi launchpads in the market. The model specifically depends on staked tokens’ weight and linear multiplier. This approach offers a longer period of staking while at the same time discouraging swinging in and out of launchpad staking. 

Since launching into the market, DeFiDrop has remained loyal to its product roadmap. According to the project’s medium page, the platform held its first launch in the Echo project Echo is a new DeFi protocol that caters to the needs of early investors, analysts, traders, and developers. Essentially, it is a platform for comparing the safety and profitability of DeFi protocols. Through the platform, investors can take note of new projects that have a bright future while investing before others. Additionally, through Echo, inventors can leverage advanced tools to copy-trade and the tracking of whale movements. 

In general, investors should expect to see more development on the DeFiDrop platform with new projects utilizing the project. The emergence of the protocol is leveraging the recent growth of the DeFi sector that has amassed billions of dollars in locked value. 

As investors continue to pump more money into the DeFi space, DeFiDrop is aiming to streamline the process of new and existing teams that can make a name for themselves in the DeFi sector. DeFiDrop team notes that existing launchpads have come with several shortcomings since a majority are not specifically targeting the DeFi scene alongside anonymous projects.

What DeFiDrop is offering new DeFi projects 

Worth mentioning is that already dozens of projects across different chains are currently jostling to attract quality users and DeFiDrop is focused on catering to the clientele base. Additionally, besides the launchpad, DeFiDrop is also offering an incubator for new protocols. The platform can take care of marketing, technical details about the launch, and other supporting activities. When such time-consuming tasks are handled, developers can focus on what matters to check the project growth and adoption. Overall. DeFiDrop ensures projects that can shine get their equal shot. 

As the DeFi sector remains bullish in 2021, some quarters have compared it to the 2017 ICO boom that was highly characterized by scams that saw investors lose millions of money. It is worth acknowledging that dubious characters also exist in the DeFi ecosystem and they tend to thrive due to faulty launchpads. This is something DeFiDrop plans to eliminate. Notably, with DeFiDrop catering for anonymous projects, investors can be guaranteed that the projects put in place all the necessary checks to ensure no investor is scammed. DeFiDrop can be summed up as a future DeFi project since it guarantees users of quality and safety simply because it was launched to cater to the sector’s specific needs.