DeFiDrop Hints at a New IDO that will Come After the Most Recent Giveaway

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DeFiDrop Hints at a New IDO that will Come After the Most Recent Giveaway

May 12 2021

In brief

  • DeFiDrop is an emerging platform in the DeFi sector, offering a launchpad and an incubator for new projects.
  • A recent DeFiBoost tweet revealed a DeFiDrop airdrop for the user who creates the best DeFiDrop Twitter banner.
  • DeFiDrop also announced that a new IDO is coming at some point this week.

DeFiDrop, recently announced a new giveaway that will reward the user who creates the best Twitter banner, after which it will hold a new IDO.

DeFiDrop is a DeFi project whose main goal is to help others. The project understands the complexity and competitiveness of the DeFi sector, and it knows well that a lot of great projects and solutions could fail if they don’t get help early on, and manage to cut through the noise of the very vibrant, busy, growing sector that DeFi has become.

This is why it has created a launchpad for DeFi projects, specifically, where developers can still choose to remain anonymous without having the investors doubt the project and its legitimacy. DeFiDrop itself is a trusted project, and if it vouches for others, then its word is taken seriously.

DeFiDrop giveaway

DeFiDrop recently held a crypto giveaway that was actually announced by DeFiBoost — an agency that conducts marketing and PR for other DeFi projects. While DeFiDrop already has its own massive community, all projects always wish to grow further, and DeFiBoost’s connections to influencers and other popular individuals and media outlets make it perfect to spread the word.

The giveaway offers $500 in DROPS tokens to anyone who wants to join. The only condition to win the funds is to create the best Twitter banner for DeFiDrop to use. The project was giving the community a chance to show off its skills and design the most memorable and awesome Twitter banner.

The only other requirement is to follow DeFiDrop on social media, including Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.

DeFiDrop also announced a new IDO

On the same day when DeFiBoost announced the giveaway, DeFiDrop used its Telegram Announcements channel to address its community. Apparently, there were certain issues with its system, and the community feedback helped the project identify them and resolve them.

The project noted that many of the issues were unwarranted and that its team and admins are always online at the community’s disposal to answer any questions, and communicate in any way they can to help the users. Furthermore, they said that they understand low morale after the lack of updates.

On the brighter note, DeFiDrop also revealed that it had secured the next IDO (Initial DEX Offering), as part of the same announcement. The IDO is expected to take place at some point during this week, and the reason for such a quick progression is the fact that the project doesn’t want to have any further delays.

It did not reveal yet which project will be holding the token sale on its platform, but it did note that it is one that has already hit the hard cap of its private sale and that there was a massive community demand. More details are expected to be announced shortly, so anyone interested in investing via DeFiDrop should pay close attention to its social media and announcement channels.