DeFiDrop Holds ApeTools Public Token Sale

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DeFiDrop Holds ApeTools Public Token Sale

May 23 2021

In brief

  • The token sale will be held today, on May 23rd, and the rapidly growing DeFi launchpad, DeFiDrop, is one of the three selected platforms.
  • DeFiDrop platform is accommodating projects of all types, especially those with anonymous teams.
  • DeFiDrop seeks to offer a strictly non-generic launchpad.

Trading tool for Binance chain pairs ApeTools has announced a public token sale on the DeFiDrop platform. The token sale will be today, May 23rd, 2021, where the token allocation will be 100 BNB. The initial unlock will be 50%, while the remaining 50% will be available after 45 days.

The public sale token price has been set at 25,000 TAPE for 1 BNB with a maximum cap per wallet set at 0.5 BNB. Before the launch, the total supply for the TAPE token was set at 100,000,000, while the initial circulating supply is 13,800,000 TAPE. Besides DeFiDrop, the token sale will also be held on Launchzone for BSCX holders.

Why DeFiDrop is Ideal for ApeTools Token Sale

ApeTools‘ choice of DeFiDrop to host its first token supply is no surprise considering the platform is seeing surging interest in the DeFi ecosystem. Furthermore, the DeFiDrop team recognizes the need to have a convenient and straightforward launchpad for new DeFi protocols.

DeFiDrop notes that current DeFi launchpads are too generic, which makes great projects miss out on attaining their maximum potential. Furthermore, DeFiDrop guarantees users a personalized approach that meets their needs while offering an incubator, a secure avenue for projects (and their teams) that launch through its launchpad.

Notably, DeFiDrop caters to the needs of all projects regardless of the underlying code. With it, DeFiDrop is eliminating the misconception about projects whose teams prefer anonymity. Most people assume that anonymous teams are incompetent and untrustworthy in the crypto circles — or are evading accountability. But DeFiDrop caters to such teams bearing in mind that similar projects have failed due to a lack of support from the crypto community.

DeFiDrop, at the same time, guarantees users that all projects hosted on the platform are trustworthy. Before projects get unveiled, they undergo a critical vetting exercise both for the launchpad and incubator.

The DeFiDrop platform’s status was exhibited when it held its token sale that turned out to be among the most successful ones in the crypto sector. The private sale was short, with DeFiDrop selling all of the designated tokens in under 2 minutes, where 7.5 million DROPS tokens were sold for 650 BNB. Furthermore, DeFiDrop also held its public presale, where the supply of 20 million tickets was sold out within a single day.

As things stand, DeFiDrop is positioned to become a key part of the growing DeFi industry that continues to revolutionize the finance sector. DeFiDrop seeks to accommodate any DeFi project that has good potential. With the industry being highly competitive, DeFiDrop ensures projects get a fair chance in the market based on their abilities.

To meet its mandate, DeFi drop has partnered with industry-leading projects like DeFiBoost, HashEx, CryptoEx, and UniMex. All these platforms are young and thriving ones within the DeFi ecosystem.