DeFiDrop is About to Announce its Next IDO

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DeFiDrop is About to Announce its Next IDO

Jun 17 2021

In brief

  • DeFiDrop is a platform that specializes in launching and nurturing new, promising DeFi projects.
  • It offers a launchpad and an incubator which serve to give new projects a proper start in the competitive world of DeFi.
  • The project just published a statement on its Discord server, noting that the next IDO will be announced on Tuesday.

DeFiDrop, a specialized launchpad and incubator for DeFi projects, just said on its Discord that it is preparing to announce the new IDO next Tuesday.

The DeFi sector has developed at a massive pace over the last year. In fact, it is rather impressive how fast it ended up going considering that it didn’t even have a native launchpad, meaning that all projects had to launch via IEOs, on centralized exchanges.

DeFiDrop changed that by bringing a unique launchpad and incubator for DeFi, which have been extremely successful in bringing new projects to the extremely competitive world of decentralized finance. The project’s last IDO took place only two and a half weeks ago when it launched ApeTools public sale. Before that, the project’s first Launchpad project took place almost exactly one month before, so, noting the pattern, it would appear that the community can expect one launch per month.

The project just confirmed this by announcing on its Discord that the next IDO is coming. Unfortunately, it did not specify the time and date of the sale, or even what project is going to launch next. Instead, it simply said that its community can expect the official announcement about the new IDO to arrive next Tuesday.

However, the wording is quite interesting, as the project said that “Next IDO will be announced on Tuesday at latest,” indicating that the announcement may come earlier than that. With that in mind, users might want to keep an eye on the project’s social media accounts for fresh news.

But, regardless of what project DeFiDrop ends up offering next, users can be certain that it is safe and legitimate. After all, DeFiDrop has a rather specific list of requirements that projects need to meet in order to be accepted.

Why does the DeFi sector need DeFiDrop?

Earlier, it was mentioned that centralized platforms’ launchpads were not good enough for DeFi, and that is true. However, the reason might not be what most people would think. For example, there is a common misconception that projects with anonymous teams are untrustworthy, that they lack transparency, and alike. Some even believe that the teams are hiding their identities due to incompetence or desire to avoid being accountable.

Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While it is correct that, in the past, projects with anonymous teams were often scams, this was back in the age of ICOs, which ended three to four years back.

These days, this is simply a leftover prejudice from those times. In fact, most DeFi projects are actually judged based on their team and PR skills, instead of what benefits their project can bring. The new trend of anonymity among DeFi projects aims to change that, allowing users to focus on the project itself, rather than who created it.

DeFiDrop helps with that by ensuring that both the project and the team are legitimate. Meanwhile, its community trusts its judgment, which is why DeFiDrop is very, very strict when it comes to selecting projects that will launch on its platform.