DeFiBoost Announces that QuiverX Wallet Now Supports Blockchain Domains

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DeFiBoost Announces that QuiverX Wallet Now Supports Blockchain Domains

May 24 2021

In brief

  • DeFiBoost, a growing PR and marketing agency for DeFi, recently made a new announcement.
  • The announcement concerns another DeFi project, called QuiverX — or rather, its wallet.
  • The wallet now supports blockchain domains, meaning that it allows for seamless crypto transfers.

DeFiBoost, a PR and marketing agency that focuses on promoting DeFi projects, recently announced that the project QuiverX recently added support for blockchain domains to its wallet.

The DeFi sector continues to develop, expand, and mature, with its leading projects constantly improving themselves. With each improvement, the decentralized finance projects grow further, granting new features and options to their user base, as well as further legitimizing themselves.

What’s more, the new developments also bring greater potential to the projects’ tokens, which may lead to their price growth and greater profits for investors and traders who use them.

However, with the constant noise and battle for the attention of the industry, it is difficult for users to keep track of all of these new improvements, which is why these competing projects can benefit greatly from partnering with a professional PR and marketing agency that would spread the word on their behalf. This is what DeFiBoost does, and only hours ago, it shared an important announcement regarding another project, called QuiverX.

DeFiBoost makes a major announcement on behalf of QuiverX

DeFiBoost recently announced that QuiverX’s wallet now supports blockchain domains, which means that its users will be able to make seamless crypto transfers to their decentralized wallet.

The ease of the process comes from the fact that users will no longer have to carefully type in complicated cryptocurrency addresses that consist of seemingly random numbers and letters.

Instead, they will now have human-readable names, which will make the process of sending and receiving transactions much easier, safer, and less stressful for crypto users. This new way of typing in addresses comes from QuiverX’s integration of Unstoppable Domains, which has been working on making crypto addresses human-friendly for quite some time now.

While the feature has yet to spread and become available throughout the industry, the fact that QuiverX Wallet now has it on offer is certainly giving it a certain edge against the competition.

What does this mean for the wallet?

QuiverX announced the news itself, as well. The project wrote a Medium post in which it said that it is extremely excited about the release of the Digital Wallet App, but it is just as thrilling — if not more — to join up with Unstoppable Domains and ensure that its users will no longer have to struggle with lengthy, complicated addresses.

As many are likely aware, typing in the wallet address correctly is of critical importance for sending cryptocurrencies. One wrong letter or number, and the funds might go to the wrong recipient, or worse — end up stuck in a limbo from which they could never be reclaimed.

By integrating Unstoppable Domains’ technology into its wallet, the project will allow users to send Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptos with just one domain, instead of having to search for multiple addresses.

Users can find Unstoppable Domain in the wallet’s settings, where they can activate it and make wallet addresses readable to humans. But, this is far from the only useful feature, as the wallet also includes DEX aggregator integration, MoonPay technology that allows easy crypto purchases with fiat within the wallet, support for over 160 countries, and 2FA for extra security of the wallet.