DeFiBoost on the Rise to Become the Most Reliable DeFi Marketing Agency

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DeFiBoost on the Rise to Become the Most Reliable DeFi Marketing Agency

May 21 2021

In brief

  • The DeFi sector has grown to be very large and competitive over the last year.
  • While new projects emerge all the time, their voices are often not heard due to the growing giants.
  • DeFiBoost helps them with organizing a strong marketing campaign, and spreads the word throughout the community.

DeFiBoost is becoming a go-to project for anyone in the DeFi sector of the crypto industry who needs to hire a professional.

DeFi has grown rapidly, nearly doubling its TVL over the past month. But, despite its rapid rise, it shows no sign of stopping. Quite the contrary, in fact — DeFi continues to expand to more new blockchains, it continues to attract new developers and investors, it is seeing new projects emerge, and it is shaping up into a strong, reliable, and tenacious sector of the industry.

With that said, like in every sector, there is competition, and that means that DeFi was, is, and will be quite loud, as everyone yells best prices and features, hoping to attract users. In all that cacophony, voices of the newly launching projects often go unheard. Plus, even the established projects sometimes have trouble spreading the word about something new that they have to offer.

However, not just anyone can try to spread the word, and DeFi participants require a reliable source of information, especially when new projects wish to become known to a larger community. This is where DeFiBoost came in, as a reliable and trustworthy full-service PR and Marketing agency.

What does DeFiBoost do?

Essentially, DeFiBoost does whatever is necessary to inform the DeFi sector of new events and developments. It collaborates with news outlets, influencers, and others who can be hired or convinced to help the cause of any legitimate project that hires the firm.

It can offer high-quality PR created by its skilled team that goes beyond traditional media relations. In fact, DeFiBoost can provide authentic coverage from the biggest crypto publications and influencers in the sector.

As mentioned, the firm also collaborates with YouTube influencers and thought leaders, who are also followed and listened to by large communities, who can also mention the new projects to all the people that follow these individuals. And, finally, there is a highly efficient one-to-one personal outreach campaign, where investors of other projects get contacted and presented with the new project.

Partnerships with some of the largest projects in DeFi definitely help a lot here, and DeFiBoost has made sure to make a number of them. Some of these projects received help from DeFiBoost when they were in need, while the others joined it after recognizing its potential and the strength of its voice. Some of the industry leaders that are also DeFiBoost clients include TrustSwap, Axion, UniMex, CyberFi, BitcoinVend, and more, with many others likely to join in time.

After all, DeFiBoost is still a relatively young project, although highly reliable. As for the impact of its influence, let’s just say that it can reach over 100,000 investors basically at once, create hype, build rapport, provide expert reviews, and focus on the projects’ target audiences, instead of just spamming users and marketing anything to anyone. It is a professional project that has the trust of its partners, clients, but also the community, and as such, its influence should not be underestimated.