DeFiBoost Announces the Incoming DROPS Airdrop for DGN Holders

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DeFiBoost Announces the Incoming DROPS Airdrop for DGN Holders

May 3 2021

In brief

  • DeFiBoost is an agency that aims to help DeFi projects gain exposure in the highly competitive crypto industry.
  • The project recently announced that two projects, Degen and DeFiDrop, are about to hold an airdrop.
  • The airdrop will see the distribution of DROPS tokens to DGN holders.

DeFi PR and marketing agency, DeFiBoost has recently announced that DGN holders will soon be eligible to receive DROPS tokens as part of the upcoming airdrop.

After exploding last year, the DeFi space of the crypto industry has become and extremely competitive sector where new projects are emerging almost on a daily basis, but are struggling to be heard and exposed to the masses.

This is why companies like DeFiBoost exist, to spread the word and help the younger generations of advanced projects see the light of day despite much stronger competition. That same DeFiBoost company now announced that DGN holders will soon be eligible to receive DROPS tokens in the upcoming airdrop.

The news appears to be extremely fresh, and not a lot is known about the upcoming airdrop as of yet, so anyone holding DGN should be on the lookout for new announcements, and those interested in getting DROPS tokens might want to consider investing in DGN to be eligible for participation.

What is DeFiBoost?

DeFiBoost is essentially a full service PR and marketing agency that focuses on the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. Essentially, it is a company that DeFi projects can go to in order to ensure that their voice will be heard.

More than that, companies like DeFiBoost can handle the marketing for the projects, which also leaves the project’s own developers with more time to focus on actual development, thus making the project that much better at the time of launch.

DeFiBoost offers high quality PR and publications, one-to-one investor outreach, and it also collaborates with plenty of influencers on YouTube, as well as some thought leaders who can also spread word about the upcoming projects.

All in all, the company is constantly growing, and it has become a go-to firm for notifying investors, traders, and community members of new developments, news and moves that may have a serious impact on crypto prices, and more. It doesn’t even only stick to DeFi projects, but on the broader crypto industry, thus proving its legitimacy and usefulness for anyone who is interested in keeping track of what is going on in the crypto sector.

The project has already entered into plenty of successful partnerships that have yielded extremely beneficial results for its partners, as can be seen on its websites under the Success Stories section. Some of the DeFi stars that have previously partnered with DeFiBoost include the likes of TrustSwap, UniMex, Degen Protocol, UniDex, GLITCH, and others.