DeFi Project Sekuritance is Searching for Partners and Investors

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DeFi Project Sekuritance is Searching for Partners and Investors

May 10 2021

In brief

  • Sekuritance is a RegTech ecosystem focusing on helping others reach regulatory compliance and management.
  • The project announced that it has been self sustained and self funded ever since its founding.
  • Now, in order to take the next step, it is looking for partners to collaborate with or participate in the round of investment.

Sekuritance, a CeFi and DeFi ecosystem that aims to deliver services such as transaction monitoring, identity management, compliance, and more, is looking for partners to collaborate with and investors for its upcoming funding round.

The evolution of the DeFi sector of the crypto industry, which led many existing projects to explode, and countless new ones to emerge, has also brought the need for some accompanying projects and firms that provide unique services. Of course, regulatory compliance has always been one of the top priorities in crypto, and it is deemed necessary for any project to continue operating, evolving, and continuing its existence in the long term.

This has led to the birth of projects such as Sekuritance — a company that offers compliance, regulatory, transaction monitoring, and identity management to merchants and individuals in CeFi and DeFi alike. However, even projects such as this need support, and time has come for Sekuritance to seek out allies that will help it grow, and provide even better services further down the road.

Sekuritance Seeks Partners and Supporters

According to an announcement on its website, in the news section, the company seems to be looking for companies that would work with it, and/or support it financially. It declared that it has been fully self-sustained and self-funded ever since it had originally emerged. However, it has now reached a point where it requires help in order to be able to fulfill its customers’ requests, and deliver on its 3-year product plan, which is in itself quite ambitious.

At the same time, it is trying to reach its global audience, engage in discussions with different 3rd parties consisting of seasoned corporate and individual experts, and, while doing all that, it also plans to take its own enterprise to the next level.

All of this requires an extensive amount of work, effort, knowledge, and funding, which is why the company is looking for anyone willing to help and invest. It invited any interested parties wishing to find out more on how to collaborate or participate in the round of investment to contact the company via email address.

What does Sekuritance Plan to Do Next?

The company has been rather transparent with its goals and plans, all of which are presented in its publicly available roadmap. In Q1 of this year, it achieved trademark registration and industry certification. In Q2, it is working on developing 3rd party Partner Ecosystem and token utility introductions, token private allocation, and token sale via a public launchpad.

In the third quarter, the company will introduce its native SKRT token into the ecosystem, which will be followed by the developer app integration pad launch. It also revealed some of the goals for 2022, such as the introduction of new 3rd party data sets to further enhance the set results, which will take place in Q1 2022, and then, in Q2 of the same year, it will roll out new authentication methods.

Naturally, everything that it plans so far, as well as any future plans that it may come up with will require a strong foothold, good partners to support the firm and help in any way they can, and funding. The company is already benefiting from the work it did so far, and the more it grows, the more it will earn. However, it is currently at a crucial point in its development and evolution, and any help that it can get in reaching the next stage will make the process that much easier, faster, and more beneficial for everyone involved with it.