CyberFi CEO Holds an AMA, Sheds Light on the Future Developments

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CyberFi CEO Holds an AMA, Sheds Light on the Future Developments

Jul 1 2021

In brief

  • On June 28th, CyberFi’s CEO, Geralt, who took the name of the protagonist from The Witcher series, held an AMA.
  • Geralt answered a number of questions asked by the community, including what is next for the project.
  • He also hinted at a new product that the project is creating, that might become the most used product in the space.

CyberFi CEO, known only as Geralt, held an AMA yesterday between 16:00 and 18:00 UTC, answering the community’s questions and revealing what is next for the project.

CyberFi is a young project that functions as a DeFi intelligent automation platform, offering a multi-product ecosystem of automation products that all serve to enhance the users’ DeFi experience. One of the best examples of this is the project’s Samurai IDO launchpad, which has already launched several projects, although one that was supposed to be launched last week got delayed due to the current state of the market.

CyberFi’s long-term goal is to help DeFi transition to DeFi 2.0 by bringing these advanced solutions and making the sector easier to work with, more approachable, and more inclusive.

On June 28th, the project’s CEO, known only as Geralt, offered to answer the community members’ questions in another AMA on Telegram, as the project and its devs believe that it is important to regularly communicate with their fans, answer questions, and alike.

What was revealed during the AMA?

A lot of the questions posed by the community revolved around v2 of CyberFi, to which Geralt responded that it should be launched very soon. In fact, he specified that the team is doing its best to make the v2 go public in July 2021, although he did not go into the specifics. With July being only days away now, that means that v2 will be here in four or five weeks, at maximum.

Unless, of course, some complications emerge and push the date of the launch further, although there are currently no indications that this will happen.

Another user asked about the plans to create mass adoption of the v2, and whether there are any strategic partnerships that are or were being considered. Geralt responded by saying that the team is working on organizing a couple right now. And, of course, there is a marketing campaign planned that should kick off prior to the launch.

Geralt also hinted at other internal work that is being done in order to change the way IDOs are done. However, he said that this will be announced and explained in detail if the team decides to implement any of the changes.

One of the most interesting hints regarding the future of the project was given after another user asked what will be the team’s main focus after version 2 launches. Geralt responded by saying: “There is no after v2. V2 is life. Once it launches, we will break down the features we are working on, have epochs on the roadmap so you will all know what exactly we are working on.”

He also hinted at an upcoming product by saying that the team is on the verge of coming out with a new product that may become one of the most actively used projects in the space, where CFI will be the native token. This will bring great utility potential to CFI — as big as the Samurai launchpad.

So, the project is definitely working on new things and there is a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. Some of the new developments will improve the project, while others will bring greater utility and other improvements, that might reflect positively on the CFI price in months to come.