Cyberfi Announced The Next IDO on Its Samurai Launchpad — Vabble

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Cyberfi Announced The Next IDO on Its Samurai Launchpad — Vabble

Jun 22 2021

In brief

  • According to a recent Medium post published by CyberFi, another IDO is soon coming to its launchpad.
  • The launchpad, named Samurai, has already launched multiple projects, with a few of them going live in June.
  • The newest IDO will arrive around June 23rd, and it will see the launch of Vabble (VAB).

CyberFi, a growing DeFi intelligent automation platform, just announced recently that it is preparing to hold yet another IDO on its Samurai Launchpad.

The crypto sector continues to advance in all directions, and so far, it has come up with numerous very interesting projects. Of course, new ones continue to emerge all the time, such as Vabble Production Launchpad — an upcoming tool for filmmakers to find independent funding by combining video streaming with blockchain technology.

Essentially, the project aims to become the SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) platform of the future, with no censorship, no geo-restrictions, and no limitations regarding what kind of content it can be uploaded. Meanwhile, users would be able to tip creators, access and watch anything, from movies and documentaries to shows, original content, and more.

Before the Vabble team progresses further with the creation of the platform, however, it first needs to launch its token, VAB, and it decided to do it by using CyberFi’s launchpad, Samurai.

What is known about the token sale?

Samurai is a very popular platform that is seeing quite a few applications. While most launchpads tend to only launch one project per month, Samurai has already announced and held several token sales in June.

Now, it is Vabble’s turn, with the token’s launch scheduled to take place on June 23rd at 14:00 UTC, and end 24 hours later, on June 24th at 14:00 UTC. However, after that, the project will also hold the Uniswap offering too, starting at the same time when its Samurai offering ends. According to the announcement, VAB is being offered on Samurai with $500,000 allocation for the local community.

Whitelisting for participation in the event already started on June 15th, and it will end on June 20th at 14:00 UTC, so anyone wishing to participate should hurry and apply using this whitelist form.

KYC will open on June 21st and end on June 22nd, with the event itself starting on June 23rd and ending on June 24th, as mentioned.

Details about Samurai and CyberFi

Samurai, as explained earlier, is the launchpad created by a project called CyberFi, and it acts as a full suite decentralized cross-chain crowdfunding launchpad and stakepad. It was built to assist the DeFi sector by helping to bring its most promising projects to life and allowing them to launch in a safe environment, and with the community ready and waiting.

With that said, it is only one of the products that CyberFi’s multi-product ecosystem has to offer. The project is very much interested in bringing and enabling automation products that would enhance the DeFi experience in any way. Basically, the project wants to make DeFi as user-friendly as possible, in order to make it easier to get into, adopt, and add a new layer of features. As a result, it would remove stress, and allow users to focus on activities that bring them joy, and, more importantly — profit.