’s On-Demand Delivery System Offers Competitive Edge in the Delivery Sector

Featured in News’s On-Demand Delivery System Offers Competitive Edge in the Delivery Sector

Jul 10 2021

In brief

  • is a new service that offers an on demand delivery system (ODDS) that can seriously disrupt the delivery sector and give its clients a competitive edge against others

The development of the internet has significantly changed the way people are shopping, but also the way that people are selling products. Many are now creating and offering their products online, a process greatly escalated by the recent pandemic, but they struggle significantly with delivering their goods.

In some countries, there are companies offering private delivery services, although they are often unreliable, expensive, deliveries take too long to be made, and it is impossible to keep track of the package the entire time. Not to mention the fact that they don’t usually work 24/7.

The idea is still solid, and such services are quite necessary for the modern-day shopping and selling, and the only alternative was for the manufacturer to hire private drivers and keep them on the payroll. Until now, that is. Now, users can turn to — a new company that uses blockchain protocol for bringing delivery standards to a brand new height by applying tested and reliable P2P models to supply and logistics.

What does have to Offer?

Essentially, is a new and advanced delivery service that offers a variety of features that will make things easier for buyers and sellers alike. Requesting the on-demand delivery system is as simple as completing a short form, after which the company is at the user’s disposal.

The project is providing a highly competitive edge in the delivery sector by offering powerful solutions that empower the manufacturer. Now, as soon as they get the order, they can confirm that the delivery will truly be made in the shortest possible period. All they need to do is request’s ODDS by filling out the mentioned short form, and a driver will accept the route.

Whether it is normal or catering orders, from one mile to hundreds of miles, the project has its clients covered at any time. This can actually improve the sellers’ business in more ways than one. Not only will they be able to guarantee fast and reliable delivery, but they can also expand the delivery distance, thanks to the fact that’s service covers long-distance deliveries.

Another advantage of using this service is the fact that will provide users with all of their customers’ contact information, enabling them to notify their customers of potential special offers, events, promotions, and alike. All of that can be done while eliminating additional commission fees, which is a great way for businesses to improve their customer relationships.

Plus, dealing with the customers directly, instead through advertisers, will also allow businesses to cut the costs there, as well. 

And, if you thought that this is a complicated system from the users’ point of view, you will be glad to hear that it is all possible through a single interface. The system allows the business and the customer to communicate with the driver directly, and monitor all deliveries at any point of day and night. That way, customers will no longer have to wonder when the delivery might arrive, or whether it will arrive on any given day at all — they can instantly check and organize their time in accordance with the feedback they receive.

So, to summarize the benefits for businesses — by using’s system, they get to eliminate driver issues, cut labor expenses, expand their customer base, and save money on delivery, advertisement, and other additional costs, while at the same time, they are improving reliability, and building a reputation. will collaborate with TrustSwap to launch their token offering on July 14th, 2021 at 9:00 AM PST. More information about the launch can be found in Trustwap’s recent Medium post.