Blockchain Project Spellfire Announces a Major Community Update

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Blockchain Project Spellfire Announces a Major Community Update

Dec 4 2021

In brief

  • Spellfire saw great popularity which led many in the crypto community to it, but the project wishes to speed things up.
  • To achieve this, it came up with the ability to earn free tokens in exchange for activity in its Discord.
  • The coins will allow players to buy cards and start their decks without ever investing in its NFTs.

Spellfire, a growing NFT card game based on blockchain technology, just announced an important community update that explains its plans to further grow its audience.

A blockchain card game project called Spellfire just published a major community update in which it explains plans for the future, including a new initiative to accelerate community growth and launch an Ambassador program.

Spellfire community update

According to Spellfire’s new post, published November 29th, the project is quite pleased with the speed at which its community grew on Discord and Twitter. It recently surpassed 5,000 Twitter followers, with the Discord community not being far behind either, which is quite impressive.

However, the team is aware of the community’s importance for its project’s growth, development, and survival, which is why it decided to focus on this aspect of its ecosystem even more. They recently launched a fully-fledged economy for its Discord community, where the most active members are already earning Frostfire coins that they can exchange for Spellfire NFT cards.

Frostfire coins can be earned in exchange for doing simple tasks, but being consistent about them, such as daily logins, event participation, inviting friends to join, and so on. It is a great opportunity for new players to start their own Spellfire card collection for free.

Another thing that the project recently saw was the support and a shoutout by one of the biggest crypto content creators on TikTok, Blockchain Boy.

In addition to earning free Frostfire coins through Discord activities, the project also allows users to earn them by joining its Ambassador team. The announcement mentioned that they are still accepting applications from interested parties, and that anyone who joins will be playing an invaluable part in the growth of the project’s community. Plus, of course, they will make profits from doing this, as well.

What is Spellfire?

There are plenty of NFT projects that are trying to make all kinds of games on blockchain in order to impress, and that has led to the creation of a number of great games. However, many of them seemingly tried to be too impressive and develop MMORPG games and alike. Spellfire is different, as its idea was to create a card game, the likes of which are still extremely popular in gaming circles.

The card game is focusing on magic, and it is offering the first NFTs that players can actually hold in their hands. The project explained its approach, noting that, back in 2020 — the global gaming community spent around $54 billion on in-game content. Now, they can do the same by purchasing Spellfire’s NFTs, which will actually give them unique cards with which they can start making money, instead of just spending it.

The card owners get the exclusive ownership rights of original Spellfire cards, as well as Spellfire NFT cards based on Ethereum’s blockchain. While users can still sell them on most NFT markets, they are likely to have a lot more fun by keeping them and using them to earn profit.

The game itself features five magical worlds that users can explore and rule, including Frozen Fire, Holy Deadlands, Blood Birth, Wet Deserts, and Flaming Waters. Each is unique, interesting, and filled with interesting content for players to enjoy. As for the cards, there are thousands of unique collectible cards, as well as the ability to create new ones, build an empire for as long as you have the strongest deck in the game, and learn unique spells as your card powers grow. Currently, there are 115 cards that have been released and can be purchased from Spellfire’s OpenSea collection.

Of course, there are also things such as magical items, the ability to get unique champions, new mechanics, and other features for those who get really invested in the game.

Spellfire seems like one of the very big projects which is still in the early stages, so joining it now might be quite beneficial. The project has seen growth in terms of developers, as well, as its team now consists of over 20 experts specializing in things like art and design, UX and UI, game development, blockchain development, content creation, social media strategy, and business/marketing strategy.