ArtMeta Gives Its Community the Chance to Share Their Impressions About the Metaverse

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ArtMeta Gives Its Community the Chance to Share Their Impressions About the Metaverse

Mar 2 2022

In brief

  • ArtMeta is a metaverse project specially created for artists, art galleries, and art collectors.
  • The project held an IDO in January during which it questioned the community about different aspects of the metaverse.
  • With the people’s preferences known, the devs will introduce new features, and they plan to hold more surveys going forward.

ArtMeta is an impressive new metaverse project, offering a breathtaking virtual reality 3D world dedicated to artists. The metaverse’s goal is to connect artists and art galleries directly to their collectors. To achieve this, it created a virtual island filled with plots of land where galleries can purchase the space and then offer it to artists who wish to display their work.

The entire island, or rather the entire metaverse, is one massive art gallery, meant for people from all over the world to come, visit, admire art in the form of NFTs, and purchase them if they like what they see.

The project held its Polkastarter IDO back in January 2022, and during the IDO, it wanted to engage with its community in a different way. It was interested in asking questions regarding the build of its metaverse, and seeing the community’s thoughts on the matter.

Of course, participants who provided the 50 best responses were also rewarded, with the project granting them a whitelist spot for its $MART token. Now, several weeks later, the project completed the feedback and decided to share the results.

What did the community say?

The project was proud to see that the participants came from all over the globe, and that even this level of diversity is just a beginning, and that one of its goals is to expand to include community members from all countries in the world.

One of the things that ArtMeta was the most interested in knowing is how important it was to the community members that the artworks are from Tier 1 art galleries, and how they feel about having the art metaverse feature Tier 1 vs Tier 2 artwork. After 155 responses from all over the world, the project found that the opinions were pretty equally split, with 51% of participants saying that it is not important to them for the project to only work with Tier 1 galleries, and 49% saying that it matters to them.

However, when it asked whether it is important to have the tiers clearly defined, 75.4% said yes, and only 24.6% said no.

The project also asked other questions, such as what was the community’s motivation for buying art-based NFTs, or what utility they expected from these NFTs. The feedback that it received from the survey participants was sent directly to the project’s development team. The team will do everything in its power to incorporate the answers into its plans, as the development of the ArtMeta metaverse continues.

ArtMeta wishes to continue receiving the community’s input

With ArtMeta being the universe created by artists for artists and art collectors, it felt that it is vital for the community members to have some say in what the project will look like, feel like, and what types of artwork are being presented and sold over there. Even more than that, the project wanted to know the community’s desires and expectations regarding the types of utilities that they expected from the NFTs that they will be buying.

There is still some time left for the development, as the project is planning to release its $MART token on March 3rd, at 3:33 PM UTC. But, as this development continues, the community’s continued feedback and opinions remain important for the project, which is why it will be asking even more questions in the future, and it will try its best to deliver the responses to the developers and have them introduce changes that the community will like the most.