ERTHA announces its TGE, in addition to “top secret” development information

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ERTHA announces its TGE, in addition to “top secret” development information

Mar 4

In brief

  • Due to the excitement and the hype that its community has been radiating with, ERTHA decided to share info about its TGE.
  • The metaverse project announced that the TGE will take place in early January, with no exact time and date as of yet.
  • It also offered a sneak peek into some of its recent features, like the new ways to develop and decorate interiors within its game.

ERTHA announces its upcoming TGE, finally releasing details such as when it can be expected, and while there is still no time and date announced, at least its community got peace of mind during the holidays.

Last week, just before Christmas, metaverse project ERTHA made a Twitter announcement that caused a lot of excitement within its community. Wishing to give its followers peace of mind for the upcoming holidays, the project decided to reveal when its Token Generation Event (TGE) will take place.

With the TGE being the most anticipated event in ERTHA’s history to date, its community has been getting more and more excited about the prospect, but also quite anxious since nobody knew when it might happen, and when it will be announced.

So, ERTHA announced on December 24th that it is aware of the excitement and that it wishes to give its community peace of mind, which is why they decided to announce the TGE plans on December 26th.

Two days later, the project published another tweet, keeping its promise to release details of the upcoming TGE. The tweet started by saying that 2022 will start off with the blast, quickly explaining that the TGE is scheduled to take place in early January. For the time being, the project still isn’t able to announce the exact time and date, but it did state that its team is working on finalizing it and setting up the upcoming event.

In the meantime, it also revealed some “top secret” development information that has “leaked” into ERTHA Discord. Basically, the project decided to offer its community a sneak peek into some of the new, upcoming features, including the ability to decorate interiors of the buildings that can be created on top of the purchased digital land.

What is ERTHA about?

As the crypto industry continued to develop throughout 2021, the NFT trend that has been dominating the year grew into something else — a metaverse trend, that utilizes NFTs. A number of metaverse projects emerged dedicated to all sorts of things, from gaming to purchasing digital plots of land, developing communities, and more.

Even Facebook, the company behind the social media platform, decided to rebrand into Meta and approach the metaverse from the social point of view. The metaverse became the new hottest game in town, and projects like ERTHA, while in development for a long time, finally started getting the attention and recognition they deserve.

With that said, ERTHA is one of the projects that allow users to purchase digital land, offering an entire globe split into equal plots, each of which corresponds to a unique token — an NFT — which will grant its owner the ownership rights of that land, as well. The project has already sold land in certain countries, but many more remain to be added and offered to buyers, who can then use it for the development of brand new businesses, games, dApps, and more.

These plots of land can be used for the creation of galleries for displaying art and digital collectibles, or they can simply be rented to those who wish to do something with them but have missed the opportunity to purchase one themselves. They can also always be bought or sold on any compatible NFT marketplace, and more.

ERTHA, and projects like it are bringing new possibilities, they are changing the way the online world will work, and how people will interact within it. At the same time, it is pushing the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain, encouraging new development, attracting new talents, and more.