Axion starts its Diamond Stake NFT sale, offering tokens that boost user accounts

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Axion starts its Diamond Stake NFT sale, offering tokens that boost user accounts

Mar 4

In brief

  • Axion has done quite well for itself recently, starting with a migration to Polygon for its scalability and cheaper fees.
  • Now, the project is holding an NFT sale on OpenSea, offering Diamond Stake NFTs.
  • Owning the NFTs in the wallet grants users 5% boost on principal with every Accelerator buy.

DeFi project Axion started its Diamond Stake NFT sale shortly after migrating to the Polygon blockchain, allowing users the ability to buy them.

DeFi project Axion has seen a lot of activity over the past few months, and especially recently. Undoubtedly, the biggest change that the project has seen was its migration to Polygon blockchain, which was not a difficult decision to understand, given that Polygon is much faster than the Ethereum network, and has a lot less issues than Binance Smart Chain.

As the least problematic of the three major development platforms based on blockchain technology, it was a clear choice and a good one, at that.

Following the migration, Axion started a new campaign in which it offers free MATIC to anyone who performs any transaction and then visits the Axion faucet. However, the project’s most recent big move is the launch of its Diamond Stake NFT, available for purchase on OpenSea.

Axion starts an NFT sale

According to Axion’s recent tweet, the NFT sale started on October 27th on OpenSea, offering the project’s limited and rare non-fungible tokens. The Diamond Stake NFTs are special utility tokens that are meant to last, as the project says, which is why they were named ‘diamond,’ called after one of the harders and most durable materials in the world.

The token is not just meant to be a pretty part of your collection, however — it has a unique function which is to act as an Accelerator Boost NFT. In other words, it will boost users’ accounts.

At this point, Axion is aware that its community is quite committed to it and that it trusts in the project. After all, many of the community members have engaged in staking AXN anywhere from five to fifteen years, which is not something someone would do if they weren’t sure that they trust in the project completely.

Now, Axion is offering an NFT that is proof of the users’ dedication, selling diamond NFTs that will grant a 5% boost on principal with every Accelerator buy.  Axion called the tokens their first ‘Utility Class token with a great benefit,’ which is what the accelerator buy boost really is. By simply owning it in their wallets, users will be allowed to maximize their Axion allocation whenever they bid. That also applies to any accepted token, and even to reinvesting wBTC dividends. The NFT will be the highest percentage boost available in the upcoming Axion NFT store, which is another thing that the project is working on at the moment.

Axion also noted that the NFT will be automatically minted to any users with a qualifying entry. Meanwhile, users will also be able to sell or trade this NFT on OpenSea, as the project made it to be fully transferable and sellable. If the users ever change their mind about wishing to own it, they can simply pass it on to some other member of the community who might be willing to buy it.

As for how to get the NFTs, there are two ways to do it. One includes any matured BPD1 stake of any amount of AXN — which refers to stakes that are equal or longer to 350 days, and are set to mature on, or between October 27th and November 15th of 2021 — and that will be re-staked for at least 5 years. The other way includes any new stake made between the mentioned two dates that include either staking AXN tokens or buying in the Axion Accelerator, with a minimum of 10 million AXN staked for at least 5 years.

From these conditions, it is clear that Axion aims to encourage more staking of its tokens, and that it is more than willing to reward users quite well for doing it.

The NFT sale will officially end on October 30th, 2021, at 7:14 am CEST, so anyone who wishes to buy them has until then to do it. After this date, the NFTs will only be available if one of their holders decides to sell.