preparing to offer calcium carbonate-backed tokens to investors

Featured in News preparing to offer calcium carbonate-backed tokens to investors

Mar 4

In brief

  • The investment world is ripe with unexplored opportunities that have great potential when connected to the crypto industry.
  • found one such opportunity in calcium carbonate, a white, non-toxic, odorless chemical found under the surface of the earth.
  • The company plans to purchase the chemical, as well as to process it and wait for its market to see a significant rise over the next five years. is a calcium carbonate-focused company that aims to use the mineral to secure large returns for its investors, with estimated earnings of $80m per year.

As the crypto industry continues to connect to the world of various real-life assets and commodities through the process of tokenization, new opportunities continue to emerge. The goal, as one can imagine, is to invest in tokens backed by assets whose price is going to grow in a while, thus guaranteeing that the investment will be profitable for the buyers.

Enter — a company looking to purchase massive quantities of calcium carbonate — calcite — and offer tokens to the community that could result in passive income for the next half a century.

The value of calcite

Calcite is a rather safe mineral that the earth’s crust is quite rich with. Meanwhile, it has plenty of use cases, such as in pharmaceuticals, food, optics, and more. In fact, it is one of the most commonly used filler materials for a wide variety of products. However, it appears that its market is heavily undervalued.

While this has already started to change, and its market value has been increasing over the last several years, believes that it is still quite far from reaching its full potential. This is why the company is securing letters of interest for the purchase of thousands of metric tonnes of the mineral per year, and at rather cheap prices — between $1.18 and $2.34 per kilogram.

Even a single letter of interest that it already managed to secure is estimated to bring a yearly profit of $18 million, and the company doesn’t plan to stop on a single one. Instead, it is preparing to launch a processing facility quite near the calcite quarry in Croatia in yet another excellent deal.

It is already supported by a number of crypto and legal firms, such as DeFiBoost, Hedera Hashgraph, which itself consists of some of the largest tech giants in the world, as well as Hex Trust — Asia’s biggest crypto custodian.

What is known about’s token offerings?

Furthermore, also plans to hold a public offering that will consist of two capital rounds of financing, called the seed token offering (Seed TO) worth $2.5 million, and the main token offering (Main TO) worth $68 million.

The offerings are a part of the company’s growth strategy, and closely tied to the acquisition of a large quarry concession and subsequent production of a high-purity calcium carbonate deposit, with a focus on food and medical-grade products.

The company believes that it can secure an $80 million yearly revenue by the time it completes its goals and starts enjoying the fruits of its labor, which offers a great opportunity for its investors to make sound passive earnings, as well.