3 Ways in Which Defiboost Can Promote Defi Campaigns and Bring Attention to Any Project

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3 Ways in Which Defiboost Can Promote Defi Campaigns and Bring Attention to Any Project

May 19 2021

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In brief

  • DeFiBoost is an agency that DeFi projects desperately need.
  • It is a company that has connections, as well as crypto and blockchain experts.
  • In using its team’s collective knowledge and experience, it is finding the best young projects and ensuring that their voice is heard.

DefiBoost — hidden gems in the sea of others in this growing sector of the crypto industry — and helps them reach their audience.

Grabbing attention can be very hard, especially if one is in a growing group of very loud people. If the attention seeker is younger than the other members of the group, that makes things even more difficult. Just think of a large group of people, all talking about important things simultaneously, and a child among them trying to get their attention.

The situation can sometimes be quite similar to a young project in a highly competitive industry, trying to be heard, and failing because established projects are talking too loudly. However, there is a way to bypass this issue, at least as far as young projects are concerned, as they can turn to a professional who will echo their words and represent their offer.

One such project is DeFiBoost, which has three very impactful methods of conducting a successful marketing campaign on behalf of its users.

What Does DeFiBoost Do to Spread the Word?

First things first — DeFiBoost is not a crypto project, but a marketing and PR agency. As such, it consists of crypto experts and it has all the necessary knowledge, but it doesn’t require investors for itself. Instead, it is presenting the best projects it can find to its community, and in doing so, it is offering them a unique way to get to the hidden gems before anyone else.

As far as projects are concerned, they can team up with the company and easily reach a deal, where DeFiBoost will spread the word about them and what they are trying to do. There are three ways in which the agency does this, and those include:

1) High-Profile Publications

One of the easiest ways to grab people’s attention and direct it to a specific project is to simply write about it and have your text published on popular media outlets. DeFiBoost knows this well, which is why it partnered with some of the most popular publishers out there, including the likes of Forbes, Bitcoin.com, Yahoo! Finance, Tech Times, Cointelegraph, Techloot, StockHouse, Seeking Alpha, MarketWatch, Hackernoon, Cryptonews, and others.

2) YouTube Influencers and Thought Leaders

Another method that DeFiBoost employs is spreading the word about projects through influencers. While the first method is something very old and applied throughout the centuries, having influencers promote something is relatively new, and you could say that it started with YouTube itself. After all, before the video streaming giant had emerged, there were no platforms that were so popular and frequented so that people would be able to see and hear of new projects.

DeFiBoost is aware of the influencers’ reach, the power of their diverse communities, and the potential of using trusted speakers to improve its clients’ reach. It works with numerous thought leaders and crypto influencers who are ready to tell the world about DeFiBoost’s clients.

3) One-to-One Investor Outreach

Lastly, there is the third method which focuses on a more personal approach. This method sees the agency contact investors of other projects directly, and inform them about its clients, their projects, and educate them about the new opportunities. In doing so, it uses its own reputation to legitimize the project in question, it removes the doubt, and it attracts new investors to the project that hired the company.

As you can see, DeFiBoost has quite an efficient marketing strategy, and its results are quite clear to all, given that some of its youngest clients are now DeFi giants whose names are quite well known throughout the crypto industry.